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Francis Joy
Healer, Writer and Artist.

A Doctor of Religious Studies and Art from the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland in 2018, and a Master of Arts Degree Graduate of advanced studies in Comparative Religion from The University of Helsinki in 2007, with a special focus on per-historical shamanism and rock art. In addition, a Bachelor of Arts honours Degree graduate in European History and Religious Studies from Bath Spa University in 2004, which included a period of study in Helsinki.

I received my Holistic Therapies Diploma from The International Institute of Health and Holistic Therapists in 1997 with a distinction for my studies in the following subjects: Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatherapy, Advanced Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Facial Acupressure Massage. I was also examined and certified by The Association of Reflexologist's in London, as a practitioner of Reflexology.

In addition, I am currently a member of the Shamanic Society of Finland.

My Reiki training was undertaken in Bath and Glastonbury in the United Kingdom, in 1996 and more recently as a Master-Teacher in Helsinki in 2006. Within the last 18 years, I have worked extensively as a practitioner and teacher.

As an extension of my studying and learning, and in a spiritual capacity, I also lecture about Druidry, Shamanism and Healing. Within the field of science I have written and had published several scholarly articles about the relationship between shamanism and Pre-historic rock art in Finland, and Saami Shamanism..

The development of my work as a Therapist is concerned with the field of Addiction, Chemical Dependency and Co-dependency. The focus for this work is to bring more awareness about addiction as a Disease and Spiritual illness, and the impact it has on society both individually and collectively. Awareness brings valuable insight for both families and the individual. Healing presents various options for coping and understanding the nature of Co-dependency as an illness, and for making recovery possible.

The information on this site with reference to addiction and the related resources that are available for awareness purposes, is part of my ongoing work to inform and educate clients, healers and therapists in Finland and to develop my own learning and training.

Consultations, healing,Holistic Body treatments, and teaching is available by appointment. For further information or question ns concerning consultation, please send e-mail to:  [email protected]