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Scientific Publications

Joy, Francis. 2016. Sámi Shamanism Past and Present and the Desecration of the Sacred in Finland. In: Bunikowski, Dawid (ed) Philosophy of Law in the Arctic. Published by The University of the Arctic: pp 53-60. URL: http://www.uarctic.org/media/1596449/tn-arctic-law-_-bunikowski-_-philosophy-of-law-in-the-arctic.pdf

Joy, Francis. 2016. The Sámi Noaidi Grave in Kuusamo and the Significance of the North-South Orientation. Journal of Finnish Studies, Volume 19 Number 1: pp 208-243
(Peer reviewed).

Joy, Francis. 2016. Book Review: Idioms of Sámi Health and Healing. Published in Polar Record: A Journal of Arctic and Antarctic Research, on October 25th: pp 1-2.

Joy, Francis. 2016. THE VITTRÄSK ROCK PAINTING AT KIRKKONUMMI AND THE THEORY OF A SÁMI COSMOLOGICAL LANDSCAPE. Published in: Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society, Vol 41, No 3, December 30, 2016: pp 44-68. Peer Reviewed.

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  • Joy, Francis (2013), (Abstract). Rock paintings, Shaman Drums and the Preservation of Ancient Sami Culture in Finland, in: Integrating Archaeological and Ethnographical Research, Volume 2. Conference Proceedings: 20th International Symposium, Irkutsk, May 24th - 30th 2013. Published by Irkutsk State Technical University, Russia.

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 Other Publications

  • Joy, Francis 2015. Saamelaisen kulttuurin ja hengellisyyden elävät traditiot – eräitä kohtaamisia, in: Joensuu, Kosti. Valkonen, Sanna and Lampela, Lalle  (eds): AGON - Pohjoinen tiede- ja kulttuurilehti, Käännös: Tmi Eva Ahl. Pohjoinen filosofiyhdistys AGON ry ja kirjoittajat: 16-24: http://agon.fi/byline/francis-joy/

  • Joy, Francis 2015. Pyhä Maisema ja maapallon hyvinvointi, in: Seita Jäsenlehti, Lehto, Suomen    Luonnonskontojen yhdistys ry. Kesä 2/2015, pp26-30

  • Joy, Francis. 2014. Sámi rock paintings: links to Finnish pre-history defined, in: Finland Times, (ed.).     Shahidul Islam.
  • Joy, Francis 2012. The Bear Sieddistone in the Valley of Njuohgarggu, in: BAIKI, The International Saami Journal, Issue 35, Spring 2012, pp9-11. Published in the United States of America.

  • Joy, Francis (2011) ‘Sami Noaidi Drums Found in England’. Published in BAIKI: The International Sami Journal. Issue 34, Autumn/Fall 2011. (20th Anniversary Issue), pp8-11

  • Joy, Francis (2010) Art of the stones; An encounter with the shamanic rock art of Neolithic Finland. In: Sacred Hoop; Celebrating the cycles of life. Issue 68, 2010, pp 34-37. SGC Printing, Merthyr Tidfil, South Wales, United Kingdom.

  • Joy, Francis (2010) Druidreligion, Shamanism, och Landskapets Helighet. In: Ad Lucem, Tidskrift för Livsåskådning och kultur, 3/2010 Heligt. pp 20-27.Tryckning: Ekenäs Tryckeri, Ekenäs 2010. ISSN: 0355-9653.

  • Joy, Francis (2009) Repatriating Sami Shaman Drums, in: Shaman's Drum, A Journal of Experiential Shamanism and Spiritual Healing, Number 80, 2009.Published in The United States, Williams, Oregon, pp 8-9.

Newspaper articles

  • Joy, Francis (2014). Kalliomaalauksissa yhtäläisyyttä saamelaisuuteen, in: Lapin Kansa, number 120, p34. Translated from English to Finnish by Maria-Riitta Mallinen

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