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Guided walks and the powers of Nature

Due to on-going interest in my work, I am continuing to offer guided walks in nature, speaking about the powers of the landscape, especially trees and sacred stones. The Celts did not conduct their prayers and rituals in churches, the held them in nature, amongst groves of trees, the Oak being King of the trees and of the initiates, and of the Divine powers of the sky.

The content of the walks are to inform and educate people about our relationship with nature and the natural world, and how for example, trees have been used for healing, divination, ceremony, ritual and personal growth. As the ecological crisis deepens, many people are seeking out Earth based spiritualities, such as the Celtic and Native American traditions, as a way to shift from material consciousness into spiritual, thus bringing both into balance, as these ancient consciousnesses emerges again at this time.

There are many famous stories about trees and the spirits who reside in and around them in the forests and woodland, which have been written into myths and fairy stories so they would survive. The tree walks can also be suited for children over the age of 9 years as well.

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