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Magical herbal teas, Creams and Body scrubs

  Evening Chill-Out Tea. A mixture which contains the elements of Fire and Water, both Goddess and God, the planets of Mars and Venus. A beneficial brew which can be used to aid magical practices during the cold season, bringing illumination and clarification of purpose.

Chamomile, Mint & Marigold Flower Tea. A blend used by Bards and poets for vocal workings, such as chanting, singing and musical endeavours.The mix is imbued by the elements of Air and Water-male/female, the elements used in creative change using the voice, and this is strengthened in addition by The Sun and Mercury. 

Green Tea (Camellia sinensis). Ancient scripture tells us that Tea is an ingredient used in mixtures for elevating sexuality and erotic powers. Blessed by the Sun and element of Divine Spiritual Fire, this mixture helps with strengthening the Masculine aspect of the Soul in both man and woman and its true expression.

Mate-Yerbra Mate (Ilex Paraguariensis). A drink used by the native peoples of South America. Rich in Vitamins A, C, E, B1, Niacin (B3), is often referred to as Morning Glory for its power of elevating the consciousness in a smooth and gradual way.

Rooibos (Red Bush) is a plant which comes from South Africa, naturally Caffene free is a tea used for contemplation before giving or recieving healing or undertaking magical workings and meditation practice. The colour of the mixture aids in grounding and is and assists in working with tree spirits.

Hibiscus Flower tea (Hibiscus spp. sabdariffa; H. rosanensis). A plant blessed by the powers of the Feminine-Water and the Goddess Venus which has been used extensively in sexual workings involving Tantric practice and exploring Sacred sexuality between two people.

Boldo Leaf (Pemus Boldo), a plant with its origins in South America. Boldo leaf is traditionally know for its powers of clearing and keeping away manevolant powers which seek to cause harm and disease. Caution, do not use if pregnant or taking medicines, please see further information about the plant.

Sage and Nettle tea (Salvia Officinallis and Urtica dioica fol). Both plants are revered world wide for their properties of protection and grounding. The mixture is used primarily as a Look Out tea for Men who are developing spiritually. 

All of my creams are 100% organic and certified.

Lavender cream (Lavendula Officinalis) in 100ml jars. Made with natural essential oil. Lavender has been used in all magical workings for attracting Good Health, Love and Peacefullness. The plant is governed by the Element of Air and its ruling planet is the Mercury who is the Divine messenger between the Worlds, uniting the physical with the spiritual. Typically, Lavender treats dry skin and also can help reduce stress.

Rose Cream (Rosa spp) in 100ml jars. The Goddess Venus (with the water element in this case), is the patron deity of the Rose bush/tree, thus the plants intrinsic powers of Love and Sensuality are renowened world-wide for creating love and emotional fulfillment and delight within ones sacred temple or in the presence of the Sacred powers.

The qualities of Rose are used for keeping the tone of the skin good and it is why it is used often as a night cream.

Arnica Cream (arnica montana) in 100ml jars. Arnica is a plant traditionally used to keep away spirits which cause accidents. Arnica flowers are used to treat inflamation and swellings, providing the skin is not broken, for example, in joints and where there is muscular pain.

Tee Tree is a plant native to Australia, and is widely revered by the Aboriginal people who used to bathe in lakes and ponds where the trees shed their leaves during the fall, because of its health giving benefits and effects on the skin. As a natural antiseptic, the cream has many benefits for a range of skin issues, from allergies to burns, insect bites and infections.

Body Scrubs for cleansing the body are made from Virgin Olive Oil, coarse and fine sea salt and natural essential oils, and come in three different mixtures: Grapefruit, Juniper and Lavender; Pine, Orange and Lemon, and Myrrh, Cinnamon and Lavender. The mixture is most effective after the sauna when the pores of the skin are open, and leaves the skin as smooth as silk afterwards. For use, massage into the body, soles of the feet and head and add the appropriate amount of pressure when scrubbing with a brush or loafer. To wash the mixture off, use soap and hot water.


Price List for the above:

Herbal teas 6 euros per 40 gramme packet

Creams 14 euros 100ml jar

Body Scrubs: price depends on the size.

Bath Salts are another product I make.







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