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Magical Incense mixtures

Each of the incense mixtures pictured below are labelled and packaged in 100ml bags, which cost 8e, and I likewise, sell packets of 10 charcoal tablets for 2e, which are used to burn the incense mixtures on.

Below, you can find a step-by-step guide concerning how to use them.

Pure Frankincense Resin. Governed by the Sun and element of Fire, Frankincense is one of the most sacred resins which has a history associated with the birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago. Frankincense and Myrrh were offered as gifts from the three wise men in the birth story because of its value. The resin was worth as much then as gold is today. There are incense burning traditions in all Eastern and African cultures throughout the world which speak about the many healing and cleansing-purifying properties the resin from the tree has. In fact, it is often called the Incense of Kings. Today, Frankincense is traditionally burned in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches at Christmas and also at funerals and other important festival times. The special qualities associated with the resin are purification and lifting the consciousness onto a Higher plane of awareness which are accompanied by prayer and meditation,. The peas size resin is sold in 100ml jars.

Myrrh Resin. The sensuality of the feminine is captures in the essence of Myrrh resin.

The Commiphora  tree like the Frankincense bush, grows in the eastern

and African cultures. The sacred aspect of the feminine is governed by the

the planet Saturn and the Earth element. Myrrh is excellent to burn for fertility

rituals and spiritual work, and is also used for calming a tense nervous system

In a similar way to its male counterpart, Myrrh is widely used in churches and 

at major festival times. The resin represents the sensuality of the earth and has

the calming qualities often found in Motherhood. However, please note that the

resin should not be burned if you feeling down or suffering with depression. The

Frankincense mixture might be better to burn in such instances.

Angels Delight. This beautiful mixture is filled with the richness of aromas which helped cultivate spirituality, healing and visual powers in the ancient civilisations of the Middle East and Africa. Traditionally, the ingredients in the  mixture were used to help establish contact with Angelic Beings. Evidence of this can be found in the Old Testament from 2000 years ago where Moses was given instructions as to what to burn in order to fulfil God's request. The mixture aids in meditation and can be burned for psychic and clairvoyant development.

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Pleasures of the Garden Incense. The herbs and resins combined in the garden mixture are done so for the purposes of helping to explore through visualisation the Elemental Kingdoms of the Middle World. These are predominantly: tree, plant, water and mineral realms. The focus for utilising the Pleasures of the Garden mixture is for making contact with the spirits of nature and their powers. Through right action and commitment inspiration may be gained to help with artistic and musical projects and healing.

Spirit of Kalevala Incense. The ingredients in this mixture can be found in the forests and woodlands of Finland. The herbs, berries and resins have been carefully selected and blended together so that when they are burned one can gain inspiration and support for writing Poetry, Story-Telling and Singing. The ingredients are best burned after being ground together beforehand.

Love and Friendship Incense. The mixture has a citrus aroma combined with both male and female resins. The ingredients in this particular blend have been used traditionally to help support Love and Friendship as well as heal and restore difficult and broken relationships amongst friends and families. Love and Friendship is particularly effective for burning whilst cooking food for get togethers, as the scented citrus aroma has a warm and welcoming effect.

Space Cleaner Incense. A strong mixture which helps in matters of cleansing and purification. The herbs and resins contained in the blend have a long tradition of being used for cleaning ritual tools such as wands, staffs, crystals, drums, rattles, and circles. The mixture is also effective for purifying troubled buildings and areas on the landscape where there is disturbances and negativity

The Magic of the Druids Incense. A woody blend of herbs that contain ingredients from the waters edge, old forest, sky-sun and earth elements. The mixture can be used for consecration work - blessing a space prior to ritual, ceremony or healing. Burning the mixture also helps enhance shamanic journeys and spirit work.. There are also herbs in the mixture which help support fertility rites and to help strengthen both male and female aspects of the psyche.

Women's Moon Incense. A 13th century recipe inspired by the writings of Hildegard Von-Bingen. The combination of esoteric elements mixed together serve as a medium for Lunar and Stellar observation and rituals, especially Drawing Down the Moon in feminine spirituality . The ingredients also support dance, singing, drumming and chanting during all phases of Lunar activity.

The Mists of Tantra. The mixture embodies the essence of male and female ingredients in such a way they combine the sensual-ness of the earth with the soft fire of the sky. Tantra seeks to fulfil the ultimate expression of the love between two people to the extent it brings unity and oneness with the creator. The mixture can be burned prior to lovemaking and when blessing another.

Reiki Incense. Reiki incense although not patented, in this case, is composed of both make and female ingredients that represent both earth and cosmic energies. I made the mixture for the following uses. Burn either before conducting a healing treatment or sending distant healing as a way of offering prayers or a petition for help. The Reiki incense may also be burned as an offering after the healing is complete as a way of expressing gratitude and also offering a gift in return to ones guides and helpers.

Sufi Mystic Incense. Sufism is the Mystical aspect of Islam. From the 6th century until the present time, Sufi poets, mystics and dancers have burned these traditional ingredients as a way of expressing the celebration of life. Rhythmic chanting, singing and dancing in addition to burning incense has been one of the primary functions of inducing a state of trance and altering the consciousness as a way of encountering God. The mixture can be burned before preparing a space for ritual dance, and it supports the masculine spirit also helps strengthen intent and purpose

The Wisdom of the Jaguar Incense. The Jaguar mixture contains traditional ingredients which have been burned extensively by Mayan, Inca and Aztec cultures for millennia. Different aspects of these traditions pay special reverence to the Solar and Lunar powers as well as those of the animal and water kingdoms. The ingredients have been selected and combined together to help enhance dreaming and visionary workings. The balsam-like fragrance also contains a purifying aroma which touches the senses in different ways.

White Sage (Salvia). The plant is often referred to as 'Medicine' by Native peoples, as it grows throughout North America and Canada, and has a long and powerful history of being used in healing, ceremony and purification rites. In fact, it could be said that white sage is the primary sacred herb of Native American culture. The plant is traditionally used for sweat house ceremonies and recently has been adapted in Finland for use in the sauna. It is believed by Native peoples that praying whilst burning sage helps to carry the prayers to the Creator. One further point is that before burning sage, place some tobacco on a place as an offering for the helping powers when they arrive, as a mark of respect.

Using Charcoal Tablets for Incense Burning. I will explain the procedure concerning the most effective way to use and maintain charcoal tablets through the following steps.

Step 1. Open the charcoal packet and take out the number of coals needed for incense burning

Step 2. Seal the top of the packet using either tape or by wrapping the packet in aluminium foil. The reason for this is so the remaining coals stay dry. If moisture -air gets into the packet, the coals are either difficult to burn or will not burn at all.

Step 3. Use a ceramic or metal pot or vessel which is suitable for incense burning. If the pot is deep, fill it up with sand or small stones to about 3cm below the top. The reason for needing to do this is because if the pot or vessel is too deep the coal will not burn because not enough oxygen can get to it. Therefore, placing the coal at the top of the vessel rather than the bottom helps ensure maximum benefit and success. Step 4. See below..

Heating - Lighting the coal.

Step 4. Once you have prepared the incense burning dish-pot-vessel, then hold the coal with a pair of tweezers or something similar and place the edge over a flame and hold it there until the coal begins to smoke - sparkle with fire. Make sure you do not burn yourself, or that you have placed the bowl on a surface which is inadequate. The coals get exceptionally hot and so take care not to cause injury, or burn furniture

Step 5. See below..

Placing the mixture on the hot coal.

Step 5. Once the coal has been ignited, then carefully place it in the centre of your vessel - pot - dish and leave it to fully heat up for approximately 5 - 8 minutes

Step 6. While this is taking place, take some of your incense mixture and place it in a pestle and mortar and grind/mix it together. If you do not have a pestle and mortar, then you can utilize two stones, one which is flat to place the ingredients on and the second can be used to gently crush and mix the ingredients together. The reason for undertaking this procedure is because it helps combine the ingredients and aroma's together, and also for example, berries contain oils which mix beautifully with herbs and resins.

Step 7. The amount used for burning is usually determined by the size of the space you are in, for example, smaller spaces do require much at all, as whereas with bigger areas you can be more generous.

Step 8. Take a small amount of incense mixture and place it in the centre of the burning coal. If you decide to use the mixture for purification of a building then carry the pot around with you and direct the smoke to where needed. The smoke can be directed by using a feather or your hand.

Step 9. Once you have finished with the incense you can simply leave the coal to go out (they burn around 30 - 40 minutes), or place a lid on the pot, which stops the oxygen, or else take it outside and leave it there. It is also     possible to run water over it, or cover it with sand.

Have fun and enjoy the incense mixtures..