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Trees, Tree Wisdom and Tree Walks

"Becoming irritated and discontented when progress in
life seems hopeless and forever slow, when compared
to the progress others seem to be making in their lives,
is in vain.

True knowledge, wisdom, insight and understanding
is encountered only when slow but steady progress is
made on a daily basis, whatever the lessons may be.
This is what the trees teach in silence".

Copyright Francis Joy 2006.

Trees, Tree Wisdom and Tree Walks: As part of my Druid and Shamanic work, I have undertaken a deep and intensive study of trees over the last 3 years. The nature of the study, is within a Historical context, as viewed by the Ancient Celts throughout different periods of history, and as seen in: Folklore and Myth. I give Tree lectures in the form of Tree Walks in the Helsinki Botanical Garden, which is located in Kaisaniemi. If you are interested in participating in Tree Walks, timetables and  info about the walks cab be found on the "Forthcoming Lectures & Courses" page.

Trees in a Physical sense. If we were to compare an x-ray of a pair of human lungs, with a tree it is easy to establish striking similarities in their resemblance. This is why the trees are considered as being the Lungs of Mother Earth. Also, we are told, that in ancient times, the peoples' knew of the importance and indeed the reflection seen in the relationship between trees and people, especially where Healing was concerned. For example, if one looks at the anatomy of a human person, the feet which root us to the earth, with their toes, and nails which grow long and have to be cut, and the veins which travel along the feet supplying them with blood and nutrients, and then compare the feet with the roots of a tree, there is another remarkable resemblance. It is the same with the branches of a tree and the arms of a human person. In ancient times, people believed that human beings actually descended from trees, and it was a fact that they believed trees to have all the human characteristics that human beings have too, such as, feelings, movement, and reproduction, and they can be either friendly and become close companions or be hostile and unpleasant. The Native Americans call trees 'The Standing People'.

Trees in a Magical Sense: It was common knowledge to Ancient tribes and Indigenous peoples of the world, that trees, like all other living things can become close companions, as they, like all other life forms, embody the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit, and this is what makes them conscious living beings. Ancient mythology tells us that they were also governed by the old Gods and Goddesses, who resided over both the elements which governed the seven directions, north, east, south, west, above, below and the centre, and the planets which are in our Solar System, thus giving trees special magical powers and great significance, as both guardians to the mysteries of the universe and as doorways to the 'other-worlds. Through working closely with trees, information and inspiration can be accessed and used for those who are interested in Healing, Divination and the Mysteries of our Universe.

The relationship between humans and trees: It is believed by many that because the earth is in a time of great crisis, the ancient magical power of St Germain, the keeper of the Violet Fire of Transmutation and Healing, is being manifest through the Zodiac signs. It is also documented that St Germain also took form in one of his incarnations in the 10th century, as Merlin the great Wizard. Through the media recently, this magical energy is seen manifesting itself in films such as the Harry Potter series, King Arthur, Narnia, Merlin and also in J.R R. Tolkien's classic film series: The Lord of the Rings, where the relationship between trees and human beings is portrayed beautifully. In the second film the Two Towers, Tolkien portrays both the beauty, knowledge and wisdom and indeed the magic that can be attained through contact with trees. This is seen in the film when Merry and Pippin the two Hobbits who escape into the ancient forest after being captured by the Ork's, whilst the battle for Middle Earth at Helm's Deep commences, hear the trees talking to each other. The trees then make their presence known, and not only end up helping the hobbits, but they also help do destroy the dark powers who are trying to destroy and control middle earth, which is where we are in the physical reality.

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